Change is the only constant

‘Aint that the truth sister! There have been times in my life when I have searched for the constant, willed it, demanded it even. But they have been few and far between. And in those times I have felt stretched, and challenged and stuck in a size too small kind of a way.

The first time I recognised just how powerful embracing change was for me, and how much i loved it, was when I stopped dying my hair to pretend I wasn’t aging. Seriously! It was a moment in time when I was able to physically see the joy I felt from embracing change.

So, in 2019 when Covid shut down Australia, I was one of many many employees stood down, and suddenly I was faced with a change that I didn’t like one little bit. So I threw a rather large adult sized tantrum, and I quit.

I started up a business within a week, called it Edgar & Rose and took any kind of work I could find. I had a clear mission to change the way work is done. To break the rules, to work with people not for them. To stay true to my values of community, integrity and kindness.

Luckily for me I have always loved change. So I have built websites, created strategies, managed calendars, written content, designed posters – a small variety of skills gathered over 30 years of changing course.

Within six months I had one employee and we agreed as we navigated through the tricky work from home and cafes as a startup situation, that we needed to change. We re-launched ourselves as Studio Veld, web design and development. Simple. Yes. But No.

So I looked into getting a coworking space – not quite right because I need music and laughter and lots of spontaneous collaborative conversation. Fast forward only 9 months and we have a studio space of our own (no small thanks to Renew Adelaide), five staff and it is time – yes it is – to change again.

It is time to embrace what it is that we REALLY love doing – cool stuff together.  With the absolute emphasis on together.

The number of sleepless nights has been significant. I worry about pretty much everything and I do not take the responsibility I now have to my staff and my clients lightly. I have not yet learnt the art of controlling unreasonable anxiety when it sends my amygdala into chaos at 2am. But I never worry about change. So it gives me SUCH joy to relaunch the Studio Veld brand in our pure colour nine brain way.

Studio Veld – cool stuff together