An ambitious transformation


An ambitious transformation

the business

Mercury CX recently transformed its entire organisation. Formerly known as the Media Resource Centre, Mercury CX is a centre of excellence and landmark of the emerging screen industry in South Australia, supporting people in the early stages of their film development careers.

As a revival house, they attract serious movie aficionados by showcasing curated cinémathèque and independent films. Through screenings, events and lectures, the community is invited to enjoy cinema the way it was meant to be seen. Mercury CX is a rare kind of place in the cinema landscape.

the problem

Mercury CX needed to redefine their brand. The new brand needed to reflect an evolving organisation with complex offerings and multiple audiences.

They had three different websites and relied on third-party providers to set up events and bookings. All ticketing was handled over the phone or in person, which was not ideal for customers.

A single website needed to showcase the breadth of their programs, foster both industry screen industry members and the screen lover communities, while also representing excellence and innovation in everything they do.

the goal

The CEO of Mercury CX noticed the work we created for other clients, and these clients were eager to endorse our services.

The partnership formed between Studio Veld and Mercury CX was an essential factor. Rebranding is challenging for any organisation, especially a not-for-profit.  We helped them reveal what they needed and guided them through the process.

why did Mercury CX choose Studio Veld

As a not-for-profit organisation running on tight staffing and strict budgets, they needed a way for their new web presence to be self-sustaining.

They required automation. A website that allowed them to constantly and continuously evolve with no in-house technical support and limited budget was a top priority. The site had to connect with cinema-industry software Veezi so their curators and cinema team could easily set new programs and control the level of information displayed.

The ability to nurture a community of film lovers (cinema club members) and industry members by offering discreet services, discounts, promotions and communications to each was vital.

they asked Studio Veld to provide:

Brand strategy and positioning

A professional look

Enhanced customer experience

Systems to attract new audiences

Functionality they could self-manage

Online booking platform for cinema screenings, events and memberships

Ability to allocate membership discounts to sales

Ecommerce facilities

Secure community platform

the process

We worked through the complex mapping of services, business processes, customer journeys, and customer profiles to come up with a way to represent the right information online and enable the right business processes offline.

To achieve a site that could accommodate their needs, we reviewed and considered multiple software options to support the backend community, events, ecommerce and marketing needs. We selected the most affordable and customisable solutions.

We were their trusted partner – an advisor prepared to work with a client in a state of transformation.

the result

Developed a new brand identity

Merged 3 static websites into one with sophisticated cinema booking functionality

Achieved a professional, intuitive and brand-focused look

Customers have a clearer understanding of Mercury CX’s new brand and vision

From a site that had no traffic at all to 5,000 views per week

Within a month of launching – 32% organic traffic and a desirably low bounce rate of 30%

Created a fully self-manageable website that’s easy for staff to update

Connected backend systems to create an automated customer journey

Trained staff staff and provided user manuals on updating content across all software platforms, including WordPress, Glue-Up, Amelia, and Veezi

the unexpected

The process of rebranding and rebuilding their website allowed Mercury CX staff to dig into what lies at the heart of their organisation. Asking what was working and what wasn’t every step of the way was pivotal in their organisational transformation.

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